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Plastic Material Selection
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Plastic Material Selection

Plastics are currently widely used in home appliances, automobiles, communications, medical care, electronics, rail transit, precision instruments, home building materials, security, aerospace, military and other fields.

It is an important decision to choose the right material for your custom plastic injection molding project.


Before choosing a material, you have multiple items to consider: Part function, application, durability, flexibility and color. Plastic molding materials look and behave differently, so your material choice affects your part’s performance and characteristics.


Even the material’s shrink rate needs to be considered. If the plastic injection parts are molded out of one material for the initial production, changing material for future production runs may affect the part’s dimensions.


That’s because a different material may have a different shrink rate.


Contact MMT Team for suggestion on material selection according to below information you required:


 High Gloss

 Matte finish


 High flow

 Fire resistant

 High Heat

 Low temperature

 UV resistance

 Food Grade