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Molds are the base of mass production activities for your final products which is well-designed . We are always focusing on Manufacturing the molds to make sure your projects can go with a swing.
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Injection Molding Molds Manufacturing

MMT mold production experience comes from European partners who possesses 45 years of professional manufacturing experience. There is a complete and strict standard process from mold design, processing to acceptance. After 16 years of close cooperation with partners, we have gathered rich experience in manufacturing HASCO and DME molds, while adopting the automation and intelligence of mold manufacturing. We ensure high-quality products and services based on the advanced equipment, complete project management flow and rich experienced staffs

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Mold Making Process

     Materials for your injection mold tools are high-quality P20, 718H, 838H, H13 tool steels etc. Rubber molds making supplies use imported multi-axis CNC and EDM machines to create complex pattern with various surface finishes like gloss, matte or special textures like wooden finish, leather grains, chemical etching etc.

   Die Casting Materials can be aluminum, stainless steel, zinc aluminum alloy etc. Various surface treatment are available like chrome plating, zinc plating, nick plating, powder coating, e-coating, dip coating, mirror polishing etc.

ADvantages of MMT’s Mold Making Services:
Insert Molding
This is an injection molding process by which metal inserts such brass nuts, screws, bushings or mesh filters are combined into one part by injecting thermoplastic around them.
MMT has over molding processes where one thermoplastic material is molded over another material to form one part. Our over molding capabilities typically involve soft thermoplastic materials such as urethanes and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) being over molded onto hard plastic such as ABS or PC etc.
2K molding
2k molding is perfect if you want to combine plastics with two different colors into one mold. Two cavities are made in one mold. When the raw material of one color hardens in one cavity, then the mold will turn for the other color raw material molding.
Family Molding
Family molding produces a set of parts similar in size that are molded at the same time, in the same quantities, from the same material and color. It can product plastics injection parts in sets at the same time.

MMT provides a dedicated project manager and engineer for your injection molding production.


Mold Making Tolerances
Unless otherwise specified by you, our standard tolerances conform to DIN-2768-1-fine.You are welcome to mark the tolerances for each tool parts on 3D drawing.


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