Since 2006, Modern Moulds is the Professional Modern Mold and Plastic Parts Manufacturer.

What can MMT do on Design Support?

MMT offers PCB design, 3D design and mould design.


1. 3D drawing analysis: Our mechanical and mould engineers review your 3D drawing and offer professional advices to suit mould tool.

2. PCB design: We have professional electronics engineers to custom injection molding design PCB board and programme software and firmware.


Upon receipt of your ID, 3D drawing, sample or even just conception idea, we would like to discuss more details to make your products outstanding.

What may we ask when receiving your 3D drawing to make a mold?

1. The surface finish – Gloss or matte finish. Glossy Surface doesn’t need for post molding treatment, but high requirement on mold design and making. The appearance of the part can’t have any gate mark, pin mark, parting line, scratch or sink mark. The surface of mold cavities should be polished to mirror level.


2. Texture – mold cavity surface is eroded by chemical solution to form the texture we want. Texture supplier provides standard texture and special texture. Actually, the special texture can be custom-made according to requirement of clients.


3. The function – How the part will be used? This will decide which material is suitable for the part. If it is an inner component needs mechanical property, then POM may be the right option.


4. The use environment – the environment temperature, humidity, salinity etc. For example, if the part will be emerging under the sun every day, then the anti-UV additive should be used or chosen the specific material.