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Surface Treatment
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We all know that to do industrial design, we need to understand the material, structure, process and abrasive tools of the product (industrial design, product process, surface treatment, plastic surface treatment, product design), so that we can make a good product.

Based on years of work experience, MMT has summarized the surface processing technology of several common plastic products.

1. Chassis paint

Chassis paint is mainly to make the surface of plastic products reflect the feeling of metal material.

Commonly used in a hair dryer, audio and other electronic products

2. Rubber paint

As the name suggests, paint adheres to the surface of a product to make it visually and perceptibly rubbery.

Commonly used in mobile phone cases, cups, cameras and other products.

3. Biting Flowers

The bite pattern is to corrode the mold to produce textures such as snake patterns and etched patterns. After the plastic product is molded through the mold, the surface will produce corresponding lines. That is, we often see rough graininess or some special textures on the surface of the product.

Features: non-slip, beautiful,

Commonly used in: mouse, headset, air conditioner electronic products.

4. Spray paint

Let the product present different colours, but many products use plastic raw materials to adjust the colour of the product.

The following beats earphones are not sure whether they are sprayed with paint or adjusted with raw materials. Capable students can scrape the surface with a knife to see.

5. Spray UV

UV paint is a kind of transparent paint, also known as UV varnish. UV paint is hard and scratch-resistant, which can protect the product well. In addition, UV paint can also adjust the gloss of the paint to make the product more beautiful.

Commonly used in air conditioners, TVs, earphones and other products, with a wide range of applications.

6. Logo, text printing/laser engraving

The processing of logo and text has been summarized in detail in the previous article:

"10 processing techniques and expressions of the logo in product design"

7. luminous paint

Make the product glow in the dark

Commonly used in watches, decorations and other products

8. pearl powder

The pearlescent powder is often used in transparent or translucent plastics to make it attractive in colour. It is widely used in plastic products such as cosmetic containers, various packaging, toys, decorative materials, and various films.

Due to its high-temperature resistance and non-toxicity, it can also be used in the production of cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, etc.

In addition, pearlescent coatings are also widely used in automobiles, building materials and other fields to make them appear pearlescent and metallic.