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Plastic Injection

Plastic injection is a process of manufacturing plastic parts. Injection molding creates things such as containers, storage cabinets, transformers, bottle caps, litter bins, telephone handsets, smart phone housing, key board and other plastic objects that you see every day.
Injection moulding suppliers use automated plastic injection machines that range from 80 tons to 1,000 tons, which means that if your parts are big and small, or thick and thin – we have you covered.

We can build to your plastic mold injection system specifications, including the steel, hot runner system, surface polish or texture of the injection mold plastic. Pilot run and small quantity injection shots are available upon mold completion.

We worked in Aerospace, Hygiene and Medical Industries, and we are familiar with special plastic resins like PEEK, PVDF, PPO, Nylon, PVC and 2K parts etc.

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