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Parts Of Special Materials Successful Injection Molding

Parts Of Special Materials Successful Injection Molding

We have rich experience in some special materials which are used for special machine or equipment.
Special Materials: PEEK, PVDF, PPO, Nylon, PVC, LDPE etc.
Special Requirement:

High temperature tool--PEEK and PEI material , mold temperature need around 150~200
High precise:
0.1+/-0.01mm holes, PTFE gears ±0.02mm tolerance

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Special Materials


What's PEEK?

High temperature up to 480 F continuous, excellent chemical and steam resistance, superior mechanical and bearing properties, flame retardant with low smoke  generation, resistant to gamma radiation.
Applications: Electrical and electronic components, aircraft components, medical equipment, petroleum valves and gaskets, nuclear components.
Fabricating: Machines and cuts easily.

What's PVDF?

Good mechanical strength, high impact, excellent chemical & corrosion resistance, good thermal and electrical properties, temperature resistance continuous to 235 F, excellent flammability resistance, extremely high purity.
Applications: Chemical tanks, chemical processing, clean room equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, plating tanks, pipes, valves, nuclear technology.
Fabricating: Machines & cuts easily, welds, thermoformable.


What's PPO(Noryl)?

Good balance of mechanical and electrical properties, high impact resistance, heat resistant to 220 F continuous, long term dimensional stability, low moisture absorption.
Applications: Electrical and electronic equipment, automotive parts, electrical housings, aircraft  components.
Fabricating: Machines and cuts easily, vacuum formable, paints and glues.

What's Nylon?

Excellent mechanical properties, high strength and high toughness, excellent bearing properties, low friction and outstanding wear properties, light weight.
Applications: Gears, wear strips, bushings, rollers, pulleys, thrust washers, valves, nuts, bolts.
Fabricating: Machines and cuts well, stamping.


What's PVC?

Key Features: Good mechanical strength, excellent chemical & corrosion resistance, good thermal and electrical properties, moderate cost, excellent flammability resistance, economical, natural UV resistance, colorfast.

Applications: Chemical tanks, clean room equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, etching & plating tanks, pipes, valves, work stations.

Fabricating: Machines well, formable, glueable, weldable.

What's LDPE?

LDPE, or Low-density polyethylene, is made from monomer ethylene. The plastic has great toughness and is very good impact resistant while also being flexible. LDPE is an economical choice for electrical insulators and corrosion resistant work surfaces.

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