Since 2006,Modern Moulds is the Professional Modern Mold and Plastic Parts Manufacturer.

Mold Making Capabilities

MMT has the equipment, the skilled and the experienced technicians to make your 3D drawing into mold for plastic injection molding and press die casting. The mold lifetime of plastic injection molds is normally 300,000 to 500,000 shots or even higher, subject to your requirement.

Mold Making Process

Your injection mold tools will be made with high-quality P20, 718H, 838H, H13 tool steels etc.Rubber mold making supplies use imported multi-axis CNC and EDM machines to create complex pattern with various surface finishes like gloss, matte or special textures like wooden finish, leather grains, chemical etching etc.


Die Casting Materials can be aluminum, stainless steel, zinc aluminum alloy etc. Various surface treatment are available like chrome plating, zinc plating, nick plating, powder coating, e-coating, dip coating, mirror polishing etc.

ADvantages of MMT’s Mold Making Services:

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