Professional injection molding manufacturer

Modern Moulds & Tools (Xiamen) Co.,ltd.(MMT) is one of the most professional manufacturer, injection molding manufacturers specializes in MOLD design, MOLD and tool maker, plastic injection, product assembling and OEM/ODM completed products. At present, our factory covers over 5000 sq. meters, with over 150 employees and over 30 technical and quality control engineers among it.

-Professional mold engineering team with over 10 years expereince

-Injection parts size up to 1600 mm

-12-year cooperation experience with Europe partners
-Quick and efficient response and Reliable quality control, MMT is always your best partner!

 Professional Custom OEM/ODM for Product Mold

We are professional in a wide custom injection molding range of industries including Hygiene, aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, etc. We have provided low-cost, high-quality custom injection molding, plastic parts and OEM/ODM products for customers worldwide.

Diet Feeder

Power Socket

Auto Parts

Dosing System 

More Cases

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What We Can Do?

As a ISO 9001-2005 Certified moulding company, we provide Design, Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Die Casting Molding, Tooling, Injection, Surface Finishing Service, Assembling, OEM/ODM service, with 80tons to 1000tons Molding Machine and PEEK, PVDF, PPO, Nylon, PVC  experts. 

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