The cost of making a new mould

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Elements Impact A Plastic Injection Mould Cost You may get lots of different quotation when enquiring the cost of a plastic injection mould. Why these quotations will differ from each other? Let's think about the issues which influence the price of a injection mould. Location - The developed countries obviously have higher injection mould

What is rapid heat cycle molding technology

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About RHCM Technology RHCM, or rapid heat cycle molding is a kind of advanced injection molding technology, the mold cavities are heated by steam or water to a certain temperature on which the plastic will keep melted. The temperature will stay the same on the process of injection molding, after that the mold was cooled

What is two shot plastic injection molding

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About Two Shot Injection Molding Two shot plastic injectio molding is used for manufacturing a single part with two different kinds of materials or colors, like the soft touch holder, key cap, teethbrush and the outer gasket of a electical device etc.. The benefit is that the part can be formed by one time