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Tool Making

Tooling, or mould is the key point to high precision injection molded part. Actually, it is a complicated project and a large investment. It is a teamwork combined with mold designer, machine operator, mold fitter and mold trial engineer. Building a mould has several steps to go:

  • Mold design – There are a lot of elements should be considered on this step, gate type and location, runner layout, shrinkage rate of plastic material etc.. The designer should also consider the economic of making this mold according to the customer’s real requirement, how many cavities? Hot runner or cold runner? High mold life or low mold life?
  • Mold flow analysis – After designer completed the draft, mold flow engineer would start to simulate the melton plastic flow path to find the potential problems and generate a report by using mold flow analysis software. The whold team must discuss the report and confirm the plan of revising mold design.
  • Mold base – Mold base is the standard components divided into moving half and fix half. Most of our mold base are purchased from DME or LKM which are famous mold base manufacturers. Mold base needs to be machined and drilled for mold core fixure and water channel installation.
  • Mold core – Just like a die of the real product, mold core will be assembled into the mold base, the molten plastic flow will be injected into the core and cooled, then become the final plastic part. Mold core is made by milling, EDM, grinding and polishing.
  • Assembly and Mold trial – After all the components are completed, mold fitter would assemble them together and engineer will do the test run of injection molding which is called mold trial.

All the tooling components are purchased from HASCO or DME, which enable us to meet the standards of EU and USA. Modern Moulds&Tools is a professional injection molding company, if you want to talk more with us, please contact us or send email to sales@modern-mould.com

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