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Surface Treatment

In order to get good cosmetic effect, we will do some treatment on the product surface. There are various surface treatment methods, accordingto our experience, the most common finishes are glossy sruface, texture, painting and electroplate. Some clients require special patten on the surface, we are able to deal with it too.

  • Glossy Surface – actually, glossy surface has no need for post moulding treatment, but high requirement on mold design and making. The appearance of the part can not have any gate mark, pin mark, parting line, scratch or sink mark. The surface of mold cavities should be polished to mirror level. Glossy surface is applied on household appliance product shell and sanitary product like toilet seat.
  • Texture – mold cavity surface is eroded by chemical solution to form the texture we want. Texture supplier provides standard texture and special texture. Actually, the special texture can be any custom patten from customers. It can be made by CNC milling or chemical solution eroding.
  • Painting – spray a thin layer of color pigment on the surface to realized different cosmetic effects, like uv painting(make the parts look shiny), gradually changing color, rubber painting etc.. It also requires glossy surface on the molded part.
  • Electroplate – plate a thin layer of metal surface on the product, the effect of electroplating is smooth and shiny as a mirror. And metal surface make it looks a high end product. This is method is applied on bathroom products like handhold shower.

There are many other surface treatment not listed here. Modern Moulds&Tools is a professional injection molding company, if you want to talk more with us, please contact us or send email to sales@modern-mould.com