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Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes render us the real look of the concept. we can test its function, find the faults of the design and improve them. This circle will be repeated again till we get the perfect design.

Prototypes can be made by various materials. The common material for industrial prototype may be palstic and metal. The common plastics or polymers are PP, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PMME. The common metals are Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, Brass.

There are 2 main methods of prototyping, 3D printing and CNC Milling, or called additive prototyping and reductive prototyping. Nowadays, the 3D Printing technologys evolve rapidly, compared with the traditional method by CNC machining cutting, 3D Printing offer the much faster delivery and lower labor cost(polishing job), the fault is the weak strength however it is getting better and better.

If you entrust this job to us, we can help you analyse if the part is mouldable, that would eliminate the trouble in the future. When you confirm the design but the factory says they can not manufactur it. That is sad for both of you. We offer the prototyping service with fast delivery, reasonable price and high quality.

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