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Design Support

There is still a distance between product design and manufacturing. Our engineers have rich experiences in manufacturing platic part. From material selection to part structure design, we could give you professional suggestions to avoid the pitfalls brought by design. We are also an innovative company would like to work with our clients to develop the new product design.

Generally, there are several things or questions we will discuss with our customers in the beginning of the project:

  • The appearance – What is the cosmetic requirement? This may be the first question the engineers have to know. Because it will infulence the mold design later on. If customers need the cosmetic finish without any mark, then the gate and ejector system should be placed in the right position.
  • The function – How the part will be used? This will decide which material is suitable for the part. If it is a inner component needs mechanical property, then POM may be the right option.
  • The environment – What is the environment it will be used? We need this information to check which kind of additive should be added. For example, if the part will be emerging under the sun every day, then the anti-uv additive shoule be used or choose the specific material from the material supplier.

The above are some basic questions. We will do much more when we start to work with you.

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