What is Mold Base

Once i talked with a client about mold base, he was surprised that we purchased from the professional mold base suppliers and asked why we didn’t manufacture mold base. Actually, most of mold maker don’t manufactur mold base except for the non standard one, for example: the super big part will require customized mold base. Because mold base is a set of standard components include plates, pins and bushings. So the mold base supplier could manufactur them massively and the mold maker could focus on mold design, making of mold core and mold fitting.

Mold base is comprised of four parts:

Fixed part – Including top plate and fixed plate(A plate)

Moving part – Including bottom plate, moving plate(B plate), cushion plate, return pin, ejector retainer plate and ejector plate

Guiding part – Guiding pins and guiding bushing

Connecting part – Screws

All these components shoule be machined with high precision. There are some famous mold base brand, like DME, HUSKY, LKM, FUTABA. In order to save the cost, some mold makers do the mold base by themselves, abviously the quality would be very bad, but some clients thought that is the capability of a large mould manufacturer, that is funny.

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