Elements Impact A Plastic Injection Mould Cost

You may get lots of different quotation when enquiring the cost of a plastic injection mould. Why these quotations will differ from each other? Let’s think about the issues which influence the price of a injection mould.

  • Location – The developed countries obviously have higher injection mould price than developing country, although there are some exceptions, like Brazil, the tooling cost is really high there. In the same country, the mould price also varies in different areas, for example, mould made in ZheJiang province of China is cheaper than other areas, because of the low quality and some cheats in work.
  • Core Material – for low volume production, aluminium or medium steel could reach the goal. But for long run and high volume production, we should use the better material, for example high end stainless steel.
  • Undercut – the number of undercuts of the product will impact the mould cost. The more undercuts, the more slides, the more expensive mould.
  • Runner System – hot runner or cold runner, the price will be different
  • Mould Base – the size, structure and components number of mould base will impact a mould cost
  • Tolerance – higher tolerance, higher cost
  • Appearance – higher requirements on appearance, higher cost
  • Special Structure and Technology – like 70 inch tv frame or bezel needs inverted ejection system and RHCM technology, that will increase the cost a lot.
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