About RHCM Technology

RHCM, or rapid heat cycle molding is a kind of advanced injection molding technology, the mold cavities are heated by steam or water to a certain temperature on which the plastic will keep melted. The temperature will stay the same on the process of injection molding, after that the mold was cooled and harden plastic part is ejected. The advantages are abvious:

  • Eliminate the welding line and flow line – as we talked before, the two defects are caused by resistance to the skin of the flow, when we increase the mold temperature to keep the plastic stay on moten state, then there would be no welding line and flow line.
  • High glossy finish – the moten plastic flow skin is kept on high temperature on the forming process, the layout of monomer will get orderly when rapid cooling, then we get the better surface gloss.
  • Better cosmetic effect when reinforced by glass fiber – glass fiber will appear on the surface using the conventional injection molding, the heated mold makes the fiber spread inside the compound and eliminate the fiber mark on the part surface.
  • High precision texture surface – it the same reason of high temperature molding, flow skin is kept moten on the phrase of injecting and packing and holing, it has enough time to form the high precision texture on the surface.
  • Better physical performance – higher crystallization rate on high temperature molding, the part has better physical properties.

RHCM technology is widely used for manufacturing LCD front cover, electrical device housing and other high quality appearance products.

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